Finding Your Perfect Surf Trip Just Got Easier

SANTA BARBARA, CA — February 9, 2018

Picture your perfect surf trip.

Maybe it’s with the boys (or girls) charging Uluwatu and partying in Kuta at night. Maybe it’s a family trip to Mexico where the kids can get waves and you can still score. Or maybe it’s with a loved one to a point break in Morocco where you both can have fun and explore the culture. Or maybe it’s a solo adventure to the cold water slabs of British Columbia to get in back tune with the natural world.

Whatever your perfect surf trip looks like — meet Surf Trip List.

Surf Trip List is a new web app that helps surfers find their best place to surf, travel and stay based on things like "good for couples, nightlife, near parks, advanced surfer, etc." You can even book flights and accommodations all from the site.

It also provides helpful information about the location and surf (like nearby healthcare, surfing skill level, avg meal cost, internet ratings, etc.).

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The app received over 20,000 impressions on Twitter on its first day. 

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It was built by Ryland King, a Pacifica, CA native who quit his job in San Francisco in 2017 to surf and travel throughout Indonesia for 6 months.

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You’d think he would have had the idea for the app then, but it actually hit him in the potato chip aisle of a Santa Barbara grocery store when his girlfriend’s aunt texted him asking where she should take her 11-year-old son on a surf trip.

To help he asked her questions like, “What month? Warm water? International OK?” to narrow in on a good spot. As she told him her preferences he started giving her destinations until they found the perfect mother/son beginner surf trip — Todos Santos in Baja California.

On a walk a few days later Ryland decided to put the information from that chat into a spreadsheet for family and friends.

Ryland put 50 surf destinations in a simple Google Sheet and added different categories like “Travel Partners,” “Entertainment” and “Accessible Healthcare.”


He then spent 7 days translating that spreadsheet into a working web app that he build without any code, the story of which is now featured on Indie Hackers.

Ryland plans to add more locations, filters and features to Surf Trip List in the next month.

Feel free to try it yourself.


Surf Trip List helps surfers find their perfect surf trip, book flights and book accommodations all in one place. Surf Trip List received 20,000 impressions on Twitter on its first day, and has helped over 200 people find their perfect surf destination.




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